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Big Band Blowout Concert Needs Local Business Partners

Big Band Blowout is a Jazz concert featuring Esperanza High School and Bernardo Yorba Middle School Jazz Bands playing alongside a professional musician as guest artist. The concert supports EEU’s education focus on the benefit of performance opportunities. As our professional artist mentor provides master class preparation with the students in advance of the concert with enriching improvisation and big band music techniques.

This year, Victor Goines, is our guest artist, performing on stage with Esperanza & Bernardo Jazz, May 18, 2023, at the PLYUSD professional performance art center.

Each year, local businesses participate in this signature Jazz Concert Experience, by purchasing advertising space in our Official Big Band Blowout Concert Program. Some of these business partners support EEU fundraisers throughout the year, such as Meet & Eat Nights, EEU at the Movies and Ice Rink Night partners. Others are EEU Family small businesses, like Yorba Linda Sales and Masterpiece Pools & Spas. The sales of ad space benefits EEU annual fundraising needs, and can also benefit individual students, similar to the RaiseRight program.

Finally EEU benefits from the shared promotion these local partners provide when they note their support of our concert program because all the proceeds from the concert tickets are split between Esperanza and Bernardo Yorba music programs.

All EEU members appreciate the community partners who support our in-kind donation and sponsorship programs. You all know how often parents and students proudly support our various donor and sponsor local businesses and restaurants. And that’s where you all can help EEU reach out to your favorite places and EEU family and fan businesses. Because this benefit is our biggest selling feature as EEU is Esperanza’s biggest team!

We need help with Contacting Donors & Sponsors. Contacting local business partners is not cold calling, because the EEU has many community partners that repeatedly participate in this program over the years.
*Look for more info about EEU Fundraising FAQS in our weekly emails.

Read and Share this pdf HERE: EEU SPONSORSHIP MATERIALS 2023

How will the Sponsor’s Ad Space donation be acknowledged?

  • The Big Band Blowout Concert Program is professionally printed and serves as a giveaway at the show for up to 300 or more attendees.
  • Any donation will be acknowledged and displayed with Company Name as Ad Artwork on the EEU website.
  • Additional acknowledgements can include Company Name & Logo on the event webpage and a Facebook mention.
  • With contribution to the print program, the business can receive a quality advertising graphic created by EEU that businesses have continued to use for other publications. *This service alone can be quite expensive giving partners a greater return on their investment.

For Local & Corporate Businesses
To Sponsor Our Concert Event

Your Company will be acknowledged as a proud supporter of our program and your sponsorship agreement can include the following options for: trailer logo, program ads and press release links plus additional placement opportunities on the event webpage and social media.