Assistant Director

A local to Southern California, Glen graduated from California State University with a BM in Saxophone Performance with an emphasis in Jazz/Commercial Music. He has performed with many of the ensembles at Cal State Fullerton, playing saxophone, flute, clarinet, and drums, in groups such as the Fullerton Jazz Orchestra, Fullerton Wind Symphony, Symphonic Winds, Fullerton Latin Ensemble, The Art/Rock Ensemble and numerous other small groups. Glen has studied and performed with musicians such

Glen has studied and performed with musicians such as Jeff Ellwood, Gary Foster, Bill Cunliffe, James Rotter, Paul Kreibech, Kye Palmer, Luther Hughes, Bob Sheppard,
Billy Idol, Poncho Sanchez, Francisco Torres, Bob Minzter, John Clayton. Glen has also toured around Europe in locations such as London, Paris, Germany, and Switzerland.

Glen spends much of his time teaching woodwinds and performing/recording with a plethora of groups, namely Lampwick, Crowd Theory, Pacific Coast Soul, and All Systems