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Homework – Band

March 23, 2020

Same. As of NOW, we’re on for the Spring Concert and Cafe Jazztec (Chamber Music edition), so please continue practicing your parts for all of the tunes that we’ve been working on, including Rolling Thunder. This week, I’d like everyone to pick 3 things every day from schedule of skills to work on. ANYTHING from schedule of skills, even things that you’ve already crossed off. I’d like for everyone to submit a recording, audio or video, of the introduction to Rolling Thunder by Friday, 3/27 at 11:59p.m.


We are working on a model that would start the week of 3/30 where every musician in the program will get a 15 minute lesson once a week through the Zoom app. Mr. Turner will be hearing all of the woodwinds, I’ll take all of the brass, and Tim and Brian will be seeing the percussionists. There will be a google sheet going out for you to sign up for your lesson times.

Last 2 announcements:

1) I miss you. Your staff misses you. We spend most of our time at home talking about you and how to make this the best we can when we see you again.

2) I’d like to point out that as the world is melting down people turned to the arts and the artists. Binging Netflix? Made by working musicians, actors, producers, video technicians, screen writers, etc. The Metropolitan Opera had their site crash on Monday night due to overwhelming demand. The Berlin Philharmonic is offering free access to their digital concert hall, and Jazz at Lincoln Center is offering free material every Wednesday. What we do is more than a class. It was before this, and will be after this.

Looking forward to seeing you again soon. Take care of yourselves!

Mr. Davis

March 16, 2020

Hey there Bandos,
Please find attached concert march, Rolling Thunder (recording below).  We will be performing this at Area Night and on the Spring concert.  Please spend this week practicing these parts in 4 at quarter note equals 132-144.  I will be asking for sample recordings of your practice due by NEXT FRIDAY, the 27th.  Also, make sure that you are continuing to do maintenance on your Symphonic, Wind Ensemble, Advanced Band, and Percussion Ensemble music since we will be performing those tunes as soon as we get back.  Please block on your calendars Saturday, May 2nd, for the highly likely, rescheduled Aztec Jazz Festival.  More info to follow.  Stay healthy, and take care of one another, AND SAY HELLO NOW AND THEN! Thanks,

Music Below