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Homework – Jazz

March 23, 2020

Jazz Ensembles: Please continue practicing your parts for the charts that we were working on. As of NOW, it looks like we could be back in school in enough time for BBB and the spring concert, so please remember that you are responsible for every note of every tune in your books. Using your patterns that you scanned and turned in this week, please write 1 chorus over just friends. Please focus on starting on the 5 or R of major or dominant chords and 3 or R of minor harmonies. You are allowed to use 1 chromatic pitch PER idea, and don’t forget the characteristics of a melody: singable, repeatable, and has space. Scanned solos should be sent in Friday, 3/27 by 11:59p.m. Write things you can play, because that’s next!

March 16, 2020

Hello Jazztecs,
This week’s jazz assignments are:
Jazz 1: Light Blue focus, begin initial (SLOW) work on Cooper solis
Jazz 2: Lester focus, begin working on Funky Cha-Cha
Jazz 3: Work Song focus, review There will never be another you
ALL BANDS: Using this year’s jam tune, Just Friends, practice the following patterns for the full song form.
Starting on all roots: 1234531.
A second time through the form, start on all of the 5ths for all Major and Dominant Chords, and all of the 3rds for minor chords (example attached).
Please write out both patterns for the full tune, scan, and email them to me by 11:59p.m. on Friday, March 20th.  Don’t forget your note stems, accidentals, etc.
Here’s a reminder of where we’re headed when we get back.  Happy listening!