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Online Logo Wear Form

The Esperanza Entertainment Unit Booster organization offers outerwear for sale for the Entertainers and the Boosters. The following items are available to order, not only for students to promote school pride at events, but also for parents to show support of their students.

Once you have ordered through the website, you will be contacted to confirm your order.

All prices include sales tax. Please make check payable to the EEU (noting in the memo section “Logo Wear for Students Name”), checks should be delivered to the everything box.

Note:  After initial orders are placed in September, we keep a limited supply of EEU branded t-shirts on hand.  All other orders are sourced from vendors and require a minimum number to purchase.

To order multiple sizes of the same item, please submit two orders or add a comment describing your request.

Any questions, please contact the logo wear coordinator, Kristi Glenday by email at:, or using the comment block below (you may omit selection of logo wear and simply send a comment to the coordinator)

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