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The EHSEU uses UnitedScrip for gift card purchases.  The easy way to order gift cards is to click here.  If you are interested in the details read on below…but it’s not necessary.

UnitedScrip News

  • If you are new to UnitedScrip, see the overview below.
  • More scrip details in a pdf file from our scrip coordinator here!
  • See the list of retailers at or on this flier.
  • UnitedScrip has added Rite Aid at 4% reward (percentage of sale the band gets back gets as profit).
  • The combination card for Gap, Gap Kids, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Athleta, is now permanently at 14% reward.
  • Orders due by 4pm on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday every month via e-mail or the Everything Box.
  • There are 2 new additions to retailers:  DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse), with a Scrip reward at 9% , and Jos. A. Bank (menswear), with a reward of 6%.  Login to or contact the scrip coordinator to order.

UnitedScrip Overview

UnitedScrip is a program that allows band supporters to purchase gift cards from hundreds of retailers and restaurants including Amazon, Best Buy, iTunes, Arco, Albertsons, TGIFs, Chilis, Outback and more.  Supporters get to spend 100% of the amount they paid for the gift card.  The retailer pays the band  a percentage of each gift card sold. The percentage varies from retailer to retailer.  It takes a little planning and thinking ahead, but it’s a program that really helps the band at no cost to supporters.

For example, let’s say you order Papa John’s every Friday night.  You can purchase a $10 or $50 Papa John’s gift card and use it to pay for your pizza.  The band gets 8% and it didn’t cost you anything extra!

UnitedScrip is on the web at

UnitedScrip Details

It is easy to sign up and all it takes is a little forethought to order cards.

Orders are collected from the everything box at 4pm on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month all year round. You will receive your order within about a week to ten days (with a few exceptions for holidays).

Follow this link to the UnitedScrip website.  You MUST enter in the Group ID: 717986EES and Password: EEBoost to make sure the EEU receives full credit!

  • Click on UnitedScrip link
  • Click on “Getting Started”
  • Register to create a profile
  • Enter the band’s group ID: 717986EES (required for band to get credit)
  • Use the password: EEBoost (case sensitive!)
  • Choose details for this order (Group: Esperanza Entertainment Boosters, Team: EEU, Payment Method: Pay To Group Coordinator)
  • Shop! (select either Scrip Suggest, Certificate List/Details, My Favorites List, or Shop our Gift Card Mall)

There are three ways to purchase the scrip/certificates/cards:

1) Sign-up and purchase the scrip on-line with the Direct Payment Option – When you sign-up, you can choose to add your checking account information on UnitedScrip’s secure website. Click on the My ScripPayment Center (Begin Application) link and follow the directions. This is a one-time only process and must be done a few days in advance of ordering. Once signed up and your account is verified, you can browse the offers and pay for any cards that you purchase immediately. This is the easiest and most efficient purchase option. There will be a $.50 convenience fee.

2) Sign-up and order on-line with Payment to the Coordinator – After you sign in, you can choose to “Pay the Group Coordinator” (Currently the default option) with our order. You will browse the offers on-line and make your choices. When you check-out, you would need to printout your order, attach a personal check PAYABLE TO ESPERANZA ENTERTAINMENT UNIT (EEU) to the order form and have the form and check deposited to the Everything Box in the Band Room.  The scrip coordinator automatically receives notification of your order, checks the Everything Box, deposits checks, then confirms the order with UnitedScrip.

3) Click on the order form here and print it out. Fill out the form and mark which items you want, add up the orders and attach a personal check PAYABLE TO ESPERANZA ENTERTAINMENT UNIT (EEU) to the form and then place in the Everything Box in the band room. **Please be aware that not all offers or specials might be available on this form. UnitedScrip updates their inventory constantly and offer special, limited time deals on-line.  Therefore this orderform may be out of date.**

Normally, the Group Coordinator will pick-up the orders from the Everything Box on the first and third Tuesday (4pm) of each month. She will then add all of the manual orders to the group orders and release the orders so UnitedScrip can process them. Once full payment is received by UnitedScrip, they will mail the cards directly to the Group Coordinator. Once received, she will deliver the orders to the band room for distribution.

Remember, this is a continuous fundraiser and can be used at anytime! It’s a great way to support the band and colorguard!  Please think of the EEU first when purchasing gas, groceries, music or eating out. It is also a great option for any other upcoming event like birthdays, graduations, or special occasions!!

If you have any questions, please contact the Scrip Coordinator, Kevin Pryor, at