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See’s Candy Fundraiser

Esperanza Entertainment Unit (Students and Parents):
We are beginning a See’s Candies fundraising sale.  We chose See’s because of its fine reputation for quality.  Since all of the students will benefit from our fundraiser, we would greatly appreciate everyone’s cooperation. So please, help your student by taking orders from friends, relatives, neighbors and co-workers.

Jolly Snowman Gift Box and Mini Holiday Assortment
Easy to sell and the biggest percentage of return at 50%!
Only $6 each!

Dates to Remember:
Oct 1, 2014 – Sale Starts
Oct 31, 2014 – Sale Ends  (All orders and money must be turned into the “Everything” box)
Nov 21, 2014 – Candy will need to be picked up in the band room after school.
(If you cannot pick up your order on this date, please contact Joy Mau at

Helpful Hints:

1. Fill in the order form completely.

2. Collect money from your supporters when they order. Ask them to make their checks payable to the EEU.

3. Verify quantities and monies collected.

4. Write student’s name on each check’s memo line.

5. Put money in the collection envelope.

6.Thank your customer.

Thank you for helping to make our fundraiser a BIG success