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EEU Volunteer Opportunities

    2023-2024 EEU Needs You!

    Volunteers are an essential part of the Esperanza Entertainment Unit (EEU) and are vital to the overall success of our program and most importantly to your students' experience.

    Below you will find volunteer opportunities for the 2023-2024 school year. Please take a moment to review the type of help needed. Please include your name, phone number, email address, and student, as well as any additional skills that you have, that would benefit EEU.

    There will always be a current board member or experienced volunteer that knows the ropes of each activity. You won't be doing things alone, but as a team! We always need fresh ideas to make the activities more fun and more efficient! Even if you can't devote a lot of time, just one activity or an hour or two of time, or a donation of items will help! Below are examples of help needed:

    • Chaperone - at field shows, parades, football games
    • Corporate donation solicitation - contact corporations for donations
    • Donations - donate either items, gift cards, or cash for raffles, food events, fundraisers
    • Event help - help serve food, set up, sell tickets, etc. at Aztec Jazz Festival, District Band Pageant, Spring Concert dinner, Awards Banquet
    • First Aid - provide first aid support during parades & field shows
    • Fundraising Events - help run fundraisers (e.g. Cow Chip Bingo, See's Candies)
    • Graphics - design flyers, logos
    • Logowear sales - help with sales of EEU logowear
    • Photographer - take pictures of various band activities
    • Publicity - arrange local advertisements of fundraisers, events & news
    • Seat covers - attach seat covers on stadium seats to protect uniforms, remove and wash
    • Trailer/Pit driver; trailer loading/unloading of equipment & instruments for events
    • Uniforms - assist 1st VP with uniforms (alterations, organizing, upkeep)
    • Videographer - videotape performances
    • Website - update calendar, post announcements/news, photos/videos, etc.
    • Anywhere you need me!

    Remember that together, we can make a difference! Your Director, Board Members, Booster Members, and most of all, the students, thank you and appreciate your dedication and commitment to the EEU!

    Please place a checkmark next to any items in which you would be interested in volunteering.

    Corporate donation solicitation
    Donations (items, gift cards, cash)
    Event Help (e.g., Aztec Jazz Festival)
    First Aid (parades, field shows)
    Fundraising Events
    Graphics (design flyers, logos)
    Logowear sales
    Publicity (e.g., fundraisers, events, news)
    Seat Covers at football games
    Trailer / Pit driver, trailer loading/unloading
    Uniforms (alterations, organizing)
    Anywhere you need me!

    Contact Information:

    Specialty or talent?