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Jazz Ensembles
2019 1st Place Reno – Jazz I

With entertaining and powerful performances, the Esperanza Jazz Bands are consistently recognized with high scores and awards out of all the high school jazz bands in the region. Esperanza has three high performing and exciting big bands, with all bands scoring and placing near the top in annual competitions and festivals.

Sneak Peak this group’s 2022 Recordings LISTEN HERE

The Esperanza Jazz I Band has played at such prestigious events as the Essentially Ellington Competition at Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City, The Charles Mingus High School Competition at Manhattan School of Music in New York City, The Playboy Jazz Festival at the Hollywood Bowl,  and The Monterey Jazz Festival in Monterey, CA!

Esperanza Jazz Bands

Jazz I, II, & III Bands and Combos have been regular performers at the Western States Jazz Festival, the Irvine Jazz Festival, the Fullerton College Jazz Festival, and the prestigious Reno Jazz Festival in Reno, Nevada!

Come see the bands and combos at local festivals, school concerts and other venues throughout the year.

Jazz Band Dress Code

Jazz I – Black Suit, Black Shirt, Red-Based Tie, Black Socks
Jazz II – Black Suit, White Shirt, Red-Based Tie, Black Socks
Jazz III – Black Suit, White Shirt, Black Tie, Black Socks

For all Rehearsals and Competitions,
check the EEU Calendar.
For additional details contact:
Jazz Bands Parent Coordinator.

2021-2022 Jazz Lineup


Alto 1 Emma Beelner
Alto 2 Faith Doan
Tenor 1 Jacob Rudd
Tenor 2 Samantha Jochum
Tenor 2 McKenna Snyder
Bari Zak Ortiz

Bone 1 Ethan Trapolino
Bone 2 Spencer Ellison
Bone 3 Russell Williams

Trumpet 1 Bryan Bergo
Trumpet 2 Noah Seward
Trumpet 3 Emily Sun
Trumpet 4 Abby Hidalgo

Piano Zeke Schultz
Bass Francesca Estrada
Drums Meghan Paik
Guitar Ethan Aniceto


Alto 1 Hexum Moffett
Alto 2 Brett Gibbons
Tenor 1 Conner Gereau
Tenor 2 Braden Retz
Bari Nate Bridges

Bone 1 Kayla Armstrong
Bone 2 Madison Petrus
Bone 3 Thomas Shields

Trumpet 1 Lacy Burke
Trumpet 2 Jarom Brown
Trumpet 3 Jackson Allen
Trumpet 4 Sophie Matthison

Piano Oliver Peterson
Bass Zeke Schultz
Drums Brett Gereau III


Alto 1 Megan Burke
Alto 2 Raffi Akmakjian
Tenor 1 Natalie Miller
Tenor 2 Zak Ortiz
Bari Ares Mejia

Bone 1 Tyler August
Bone 2 Ethan Trapolino
Bone 3 Noah Seward

Trumpet 1 Tristan O’Brian
Trumpet 2 Sophie Masterson
Trumpet 3 Bryan Bergo

Piano Josh Rosenthal
Bass Hexum Moffett
Drums Owen Rivera