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Jazz Ensembles
2019 1st Place Reno – Jazz I

With entertaining and powerful performances, the Esperanza Jazz Ensembles are consistently recognized with top scores and awards in annual competitions and festivals for high school and college jazz bands in the region. 

Jazz I, II, & III Bands and Combos have been regular performers at the Western States Jazz Festival, the Irvine Jazz Festival, as well as the Fullerton College Jazz Festival. Come see the bands and combos at local festivals, school concerts and other venues throughout the year.

Esperanza Jazz I

The Esperanza Jazz I Band has played at such prestigious events as Essentially Ellington Competition at Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City, Charles Mingus High School Competition at Manhattan School of Music in New York City, Playboy Jazz Festival at the Hollywood Bowl, Monterey Jazz Festival in Monterey, Ca and the prestigious Reno Jazz Festival in Reno, Nevada!

Last Spring 2023, Jazz I was a Finalist at the First Annual Jazz Championships invitational in Folsom, Ca and placed Second among top bands from Northern and Southern California.

Sneak Peak this group’s 2023 Recordings LISTEN HERE

Jazz Rehearsals & Festivals

District Jazz Jam Sessions have been going on for 10 years, offering over 150 high school jazz students the opportunity to learn improvisation by performing with their peers and professional musicians. For more about Jazz Festival FAQS, read “So…We’re Going to a Jazz Festival?” Also check out the EEU Calendar. For additional details contact, Jazz Bands Parent Coordinator.

Jazz Band Dress Code

Jazz I – Black Suit, Black Shirt, Red-Based Tie, Black Socks
Jazz II – Black Suit, White Shirt, Red-Based Tie, Black Socks
Jazz III – Black Suit, White Shirt, Black Tie, Black Socks

2022-2023 Jazz Ensemble Lineups


Alto 1 Faith Doan
Alto 2 Emma Beelner
Tenor 1 Jacob Rudd
Tenor 2 Natalie Miller
Bari Ares Mejia

Bone 1 Kayla Armstrong
Bone 2 Ethan Trapolino
Bone 3 Madison Petrus
Bass Bone Tyler August

Lead Emily Sun
Jazz Noah Seward
Trumpet 3 Jackson Allen
Trumpet 4 Sophie Mathison

Piano Oliver Peterson
Bass Heron Ko
Drums Meghan Paik


Alto Megan Burke
Alto Raffi Akmakjian
Tenor 1 Connor Gereau
Tenor 2 Braden Retz
Bari Nathan Bridges

Bone 1 Jason Pham
Bone 2 Jackson Hinton
Bone 3 Gabriella Shanedling
Bass Bone Max Charney

Lead Lacy Burke
Trumpet 2 Tristan O’Brien
Trumpet 3 Sawyer Micheli

Piano Brennan Laguilles
Bass Aaron Navarro
Drums Brett Gereau III


Alto 1 Sean Armstrong
Alto 2 Eric Alfaro
Tenor 1 Tommy Li
Tenor 2 Sal Johnson
Bari Francisco Martinez III

Bone 1 Madison Petrus
Bone 2 Dylan Berry
Bone 3 Nicholas Besser-Kelly
Bass Bone Yajat Sabale

Lead Hailey Lujan
Trumpet 2 Roman Stamper

Piano Josh Rosenthal
Bass Noah Seward
Drums Owen Rivera