Leadership is important to the EEU. The faculty, parents, and students provide information and inspiration. Please use the contact page to get in touch with an EEU Director or Officer.

Bradley Davis, Director

Director: Brad Davis
Asst. Director: Glen Turner

2018-2019 Coaches & Instructors

Colorguard:  John Arroyo
Dance:  Kelly Davis
Colorguard Instruction: Nina Wachter
Marching:  David Lopez, Jacob Singer, Leo Amador, Casey Tran, Michael Hardt
Percussion – Battery:  James Catherall, Brian Stockard
Percussion – Front Ensemble: Alejandra Vasquez

2018-2019 EEU Booster Board

President:  John Zarske – president@ehseu.org
1st Vice President (Uniforms): Tammy Shields & Leah Armstrong – 1stvp@ehseu.org
2nd Vice President (Fundraising):  Rosie Delgado & Martha Stewart – 2ndvp@ehseu.org
Secretary:  Nancy Brisco – secretary@ehseu.org
Treasurer:  Denise Moore – treasurer@ehseu.org

2018-2019 Band Section Leaders

Flutes/Piccolos: Rylee Allen / Megan Kamaly
Clarinets: Leo Chan / Matthew Sosa
Alto Saxophones: Ben Tecker / Brian Kamaly
Tenor Saxophones: Emily Macedo
Low Voices (Bass Cl, Bari, Tuba): Sinclair Williams, Nick Moore, Colin Woo
Horns: Josh Parker
Catie Mullner / Kaitlyn Locke
Trombones/Baritones: David Peck / Annie Burke
Front Ensemble: Sean Galligar
Drum Line: Nakul Rao

2018-2019 Band Council

President: Rylee Allen
Vice President: Annie Burke
Secretary: Nick Moore & Tori Lavoie
Uniform Managers: Nakul Rao, Sinclair Williams, Kade Martinez
Equipment Managers: David Peck, James Shields, Madison Brown, Cooper Peterson, Joao Mejia, Zack Glenday, Cater Topel, A.J. LeSieur, Jason Robles
Librarians: Catie Mullner, Myka Comia, Matthew Sosa
Historians: Colin Wu & Ellie Mullner

2018-2019 Field Leaders

Field Drum Majors: Cole Wiseman, Rylee Allen, Ben Tecker
Parade Drum Major: Kade Martinez
Colorguard Captain: Katie Kuwahara, Kara Gibbons