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Field Show Instruction

“How do I do a Field Show?”

Since we have so many Freshman Members of the EEU this year, here is a quick
“how to” instruction. This is for both students and parents!

So…it’s your first time out at a field show?  

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Please eat just before returning to EHS for the call time. 
    There are several hours between call time and the end of our performance. YOUR BODY NEEDS FUEL.
  2. Show up for call time in black shorts, white V-necks, tall black socks, and hair up, just as you have for our football game performances.
  3. We will leave dressed in HALVES.  This means wearing your full uniform EXCEPT your shako (which you will carry, still in it’s box) and your jacket (which will remain hung on the hanger and in the bag) as you enter the bus.
  4. You will put your jacket on 5 minutes from the show site. Put your shako boxes under your bus seat and hang your hangers on the bus windows.
  5. The show starts for us when you hear “Silent Bus” on the way to the parking lot.
    Be professional.  Be prideful.  Be consistent.
  6. Warm up is a time to re-focus on having a great show.  We can’t do that if you’re talking, messing around, or needing to leave to go to the bathroom.  Take care business when we arrive.
  7. You will be given a specific amount of time before we walk away from the buses for warm up. It is important that you grab your equipment and line up in a timely manner. 
  8. Guard, Battery, Front Ensemble and Wind Players all warm up in separate locations with their respective staff members.
    Between warm up and the gate, no talking, please.
  9. We will be standing at the gate for the duration of the previous band’s performance.  Stay focused on our performance and be respectful of theirs.

For AFTER the show: 

  • You will need a change of shoes, jeans, field show shirt, and band sweatshirt. Warmups for Guard.  
  • Hats/beanies are allowed in the stands if they are Esperanza or music/guard related. 
  • We will provide water and a light snack. Bring money to purchase food/dinner for after the show from the host band.  

In the stands:  

  • Food is allowed, but we must clean up after ourselves completely.  
  • We will sit as a group.  
  • Phones and headphones must be away during each performance.  
  • Be the audience that you would want.  That means applaud, watch, minimal talking, etc.
  • Everybody on the field is going through the same process you are.
    Enjoy their work.  

Celebrate hard or lose hard for 30 minutes, and then it’s on to the next part of our process.

Lets go Aztecs!