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EEU Music Education Starts Here

EEU Registration
Esperanza High School offers online registration & program handbook here.

Band Camp FAQ
Students must attend Band Camp to receive a spot in the EEU Music Program. Check for dates in advance.

Field Show Instruction
A quick “how to” for both students and parents…

Virtual Band 2020
In 2020, music students focused on creating virtual band projects and teachers planned socially distant concerts. Students produced songs with the help of
music notation programs such as MuseScore, a free and open-source software
that allows users to share sheet music, and Soundtrap, a premium online platform
that gives creators the ability to record music and other audio entertainment.
While the technologies aid instruction and learning of music, these also facilitate 
the development of creative collaboration skills.

Skills & Proficiencies
To become an accomplished musician, students work on four years of proficiencies. Students requirements …

Parent FAQ
Here is the place for parents & guardians to get some general questions answered.

Human Development & Music Education

An OverviewWhy Music? Why Band? 
Why are music students recruited with such intensity by every profession? Click here to read the article about it.
Research Studies – How does music benefit our students?
Click here to find out.

For Disney, Logo Wear, Reimbursement Request
& More …

For more information about our music education program achievements and goals, see our Press Release history. To follow-up on specific information, please contact EEU leadership.

Bradley Davis
Band Director
(714) 986-7540 ex:13711