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Partner Fundraisers

EEU Families & Fans have the opportunity to celebrate the hard work of our students by supporting these corporate programs and community businesses. Many partner fundraisers throughout the year contribute to funding the EEU: Meet & Eat Nights, EEU at the Movies and Ice Rink Nights. These are the easiest way to support the whole unit.

Support EEU & Hire the Band

Bring the joy of live music to any special event while helping to support our program! The award winning Esperanza High School Jazz Ensemble is available for hire through the Esperanza Entertainment Unit Boosters. Every effort will be made to form just the right combo to meet your entertainment need. These kids can SWING so, Hire the Band now.

We Accept Credit Cards! We now offer the convenience of accepting credit cards for all payments, purchases and donations. We can take credit card info both in person and over the phone. A 3.5% transaction fee will need to be added. Of course, we still accept cash, checks, cashiers checks and money orders.

Corporate Programs

Corporate Programs raise money for EEU award winning music & performing arts. These programs allow families to support EEU with everyday spending rebates and rewards.

Farm Fresh To You & 10% Back to EEU! If your family likes organic fruits & vegetables fresh from farm fields to your doorstep, choose Farm Fresh To You, use the promo code “EEU”, and we get 10% donated to the program from every purchase.

How Farm Fresh Works
You Choose The Best Box For You: As a member, you are able to choose the Box Type, Size and Delivery Frequency that best fits your lifestyle. There’s no commitment and you can change your service as your needs change.
Customize & Manage Your Service Online: Manage your account and delivery information, view and make payments and set a vacation hold if you’ll be out of town. View and make changes to the items arriving in your Farm Fresh To You delivery.
– In the Farm Stand Market: customize your upcoming delivery by adding and removing individual produce items from your box. You also have the opportunity to add additional farm products like eggs, nuts or dried fruits. For items you prefer to never receive, you can mark them off on your Exclusion List at any time.

RaiseRight offers gift cards to retail outlets, grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, and fast food. RaiseRight Fundraising allows families to easily earn rebates with everyday spending. One half of the rebate is deposited into the general EEU account and one half goes directly into your student’s individual band or colorguard account. Read about RaiseRight Gift Cards.

Our program gets back anywhere from 15% to 52.78% on each See’s product that we sell through the storefront. If your family likes See’s Candy, EEU can benefit from your order during seasonal programs in winter and spring.

Got a Fundraising Idea?  We welcome your ideas. If you would like to discuss how you can help the EEU raise funds from the community, contact the Fundraising VP.