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Cow Chip Bingo

The EEU’s Last Cow Chip Bingo for a few years

Saturday February 20th, 2016

The Esperanza Entertainment Unit will be holding its 8th Annual Cow Chip Bingo fundraiser, and this will be the last one for a while.  It’s a fun event for everyone!

cow-chip-bingo-eeuOn Saturday, February 20th, 2016 at 11:30am three cows will be brought to the Esperanza High School West Campus field.  The cows are walked in a marked area by student volunteers.  When the cows plop, the “chip” locations are measured and the ticket which corresponds to the area where it plops denotes the winning ticket.

The first plop earns the ticket holder $100; the second plop earns the ticket holder $250; and the third plop earns the ticket holder $400.

This fundraiser earns the winning ticket holder some money, and the Band and Colorguard needed funds.  It is an interesting and fun Saturday afternoon!

Our goal is to sell 2200 tickets.  Sell them to family, friends, neighbors, business associates, etc.  Buy some for yourself!  For $5 per ticket, you could win a prize and help support your unit.

If you have sold all of your tickets, great job!!!!
Please ask Mr. Davis for more tickets to sell and keep up the good work!
Be sure to turn in stubs and money when you have sold each set of ten.

  • Top Sellers: Will win a $15 Gift Card
  • 3 Random Draws: Will win a $10 Gift Card (Sell at least 5 tickets and you are in the random drawings)
  • 2 Section Winners for highest sales dollars and 100% Section Participation will win a pizza party*

*All prizewinners are entitled to shameless bragging rights!

Good Luck and Have Fun!
Sponsored by the Esperanza Entertainment Unit Boosters

Please read the Rules and Regulations and Student FAQs  for more information