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EHS Registration and Band Camp

There seems to be some questions regarding EHS Registration and Band Camp,
considering EHS registration starts the same day as band camp.

Here is the very simple and only answer from Mr. Davis:

Everyone should report to EHS registration first, do not report to Band Camp first
and plan on being in line when registration opens which is at 8am..
That means get there early to ensure you are 1st in line on your respective days which are as follows:
August 14th (Monday ) – Seniors
August 15th (Tuesday) – Juniors
August 16th (Wednesday) – Sophomores
August 17th (Thursday) – Freshman

If you are not to camp by 9:30am, you are late.

The ONLY exception to this will be on Thursday for the Freshman and it is 
understood they will gone most of the morning for their registration process. 

Any questions to this can be address directly to Mr. Davis or EEU Booster 
President John Zarske.