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EEU Holiday Gift Baskets

It’s that time of year to create our EEU Holiday Gift Baskets 

which will be raffled off at our annual EEU Holiday Concert (planned for Dec 19th in the EHS gym).

We have assigned a Basket Theme, as detailed below, for each section. 

This is an easy one!!  All you need to do is donate one 

$10 to $15 value item for your assigned basket theme (as noted below).

OR – if you don’t have time to shop for an item, 

you could donate either a Gift Card or Cash (in which case we will do the shopping for you!)

Please turn in your donated items no later than Friday, December 14th

  • Donated items – drop into the Holiday Raffle collection box located in the band room.
  • Donated cash or gift cards – place in an envelope marked with your child’s name and section and deposit into the Everything Box.

Here are the basket themes assigned to each section:

Alto Sax:  Deck the Halls – holiday décor

Clarinet / Bass Clarinet:  Holiday Breakfast – pancake mixes, quiche dishes

Bari Sax / Tenor Sax:  Italian Dinner – pasta sauces, bowls, wine, spoons

Baritone / Trombone:  From Santa – toys, games, stocking stuffers

French Horn / Tuba:  Favorite drive thru – gift cards

Flute:  Spa Day – masks, towels, nail polish, hair products

Guard:  Slumber Party – junk food, music, blankets, socks

Percussion / Jazz Bass:  Santa’s workshop – present wrapping supplies

Trumpet:  Holiday Baking – mixes, bowls, whisks, baking sheets

 Thanks to everyone for your support!

Questions?  Email Carrie Mullner: