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Colony High School Performance – Info

We are ready to start our 2020 Percussion Season.We have a lot of information to share for this upcoming week, please read all the way through.

Saturday, Feb. 8, 2020
Colony High School 3850 E. Riverside Drive, Ontario, CA 91761

10:00 AM    Call Time @ Esperanza High School for Rehearsal

1:00 PM    Load Trailers & Lunch

3:00 PM    Depart Esperanza High School

4:00 PM    Trailers and Performers arrive at Colony High School

4:50 PM    Unload Trailers & Warm Up

6:10 PM Push to venue

6:30 PM    Performance Time!

6:45 PM    Push to Trailers & Load Trailers

*Bring money for concessions*

9:00 PM    Awards

*Return to vehicles as soon as awards are done*

11:00 PM    Arrive at Esperanza and Unload Trailers


*Students are dismissed once everything is put away*


For Rehearsal & trailer loading – you may wear a black t-shirt, your black pants and dress shoes.

Your dress shirts & ties must be on and tucked in when you arrive at the school.
Gentlemen – black pants, black socks, black shoes, black dress shirt.This is the same black dress shirt that was worn last season.
If you still have it and it’s in performance condition, no need to purchase another.

         Men’s Arrow Fitted Stretch Dress Shirt, Deep Black

The tie is from H&M this year and everyone needs it

Ladies – black pants, black shoes (if your shoes require socks, please make sure they are black).

The blouse this year is new and from H&M

Please make sure you have these items for our performance on Saturday!Volunteers & Donated Items

We need a couple volunteers to donate a few items.

These items may be brought to rehearsal the morning of and put in the trailer transportation

Please click on the link to sign-up.

**The following documents are attached to this email**

  • Complete List of Competitors
  • General Questions about the event
  • Map of the school

How Do I Get There?

                During the Winter/Spring season, the EEU does not provide group transportation.  Students/Parents provide their own transportation to and from all Winter Percussion Ensemble Competitions.  If you as the parent are not able to attend, it is up to you and your student to make arrangements to carpool with someone else.  Make sure your student knows who they are going with.

 Do parents need to pay to come in and watch?

                Yes.  Tickets are sold at the competition site and are usually around $10 – 15 with the exception of championships which is more.  If we make it to championships, more detailed information will be sent out to purchase tickets ahead of time.

 What do we do as parents?

                Although the students do most of the work loading and unloading the trailers, we could still use a few parents to help as well.  We haul both equipment trailers to these competitions and they are full.  If you’re not helping with equipment, we encourage you to go purchase your ticket and go into the gym to find a seat to cheer on our students.  After the performance all of the students will push back to the equipment trailers to help load up.  They may not leave until all equipment is loaded on the trailers and their section leader has released them.  All students will meet back at Esperanza to unload the trailers.

  • Colony Schedule – Here
  • Colony Information – Here
  • Colony Map – Here