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Material Collection Day

are coming to the band room on Friday, June 5th
to turn in music, instruments and guard equipment.
8-11a.m. for Brass Players, Percussionists and Guard12-3p.m. for Woodwinds

 It is imperative that during this time we get returned all music for all ensembles, and that the instruments have been cleaned based on this information before returning:
Anyone who does not come Friday to turn in their music and return their instrument (or email me their renewal information) will have a debt hold placed on their student accounts which will effect their graduation status or sign up for other services in the 2020-21 school year.

When you come in, please make sure that you have sprayed (and let dry) the complete exterior of your case, and wear a mask for the duration of our collection and check out periods.
To be clear, you only need to turn in an instrument if you are: graduating, leaving the program, or switching to another instrument.  We will not be doing instrument exchanges at this time, i.e., “I already have a flute, but I like someone else’s flute better so I’m going to check it out after they check it in.”  If you are CONTINUING on the same instrument that you currently have, please send me an email at with: the brand name and type of instrument and the serial number on the instrument in this format:
Mark JohnsonYamaha Tenor SaxophoneXFL-908765