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Will you be the EEU volunteer to bring “Pizza for Percussionists”!?

The annual “Pizza for Percussionists” tradition falls on the EEU this 2021. District drumline students practice together at Valencia High School for the Pageant Percussion Ensemble and are provided pizza dinner after rehearsal.

Our EEU Percussionists’ Dinner volunteer/s will need to order, pick up, pay for & deliver pizza at 6:15pm on Tuesday, November 9. Expenses will be reimbursed by the EEU.

Band Pageant is held Wednesday, November 10, at the VHS Bradford Stadium in Placentia. PYLUSD Band students from the middle schools and high schools perform together for this long-standing annual event. Every year, every band booster program sends volunteers to pitch-in on Pageant night program events with activities rotating for each high school from year to year.

This year, the EEU needs 3 parent volunteers for the PYLUSD Band Pageant, Wednesday November 10, with a least one parent, attending the Pageant night meeting Tuesday, November 9. Please email Minnie,, for details.