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Western State Jazz Festival at Upland HS

On SATURDAY, February 26, the 48th annual Western State Jazz Festival, part of the Jazz SCSBOA Competition, is hosted by Upland Jazz at Upland High School. All proceeds from this event directly support Upland Highland Regiment band & color guard program.

John Daversa, multi-Grammy winning guest artist, will be performing with the Upland Jazz Ensemble at the noontime concert in the Highlander Auditorium. In addition to music performances and featured event, Upland Jazz is promoting concessions & homemade desserts. Upland Jazz Performance Schedule has been updated at the website.

For Esperanza Jazz Groups

Our Jazz Ensembles are actually six different groups with performance times throughout the competition day. Each group meets as a separate team at or near the director’s check-in table for their call times. There are two award times, Noon Awards at 12:00pm and Evening Awards at 7:30pm in the Highlander Auditorium.

Jazz Dress Code Reminders:
Jazz I Black Suit, Black Shirt, Red-Based Tie, Black Socks
Jazz II Black Suit, White Shirt, Red-Based Tie, Black Socks
Jazz III Black Suit, White Shirt, Black Tie, Black Socks