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SCSBOA Concert Band Festival Day – Updated

SCSBOA Concert Band Festival Day
El Dorado High School is hosting the SCSBOA Concert Band Festival March 29th. The SCSBOA Concert Band Festival provides a different opportunity for the EEU bands and music program because it is not a competitive placement against other schools. Instead, each music ensemble, Advanced Band and our full Symphonic Band, receives a rating based on performance. At the district level, adjudicators are looking for progress within the criteria while considering the grade level of the ensemble. 
Scroll DOWN for Student Schedule & Routines. Festival information including program Recaps are here: .

Watch our EEU Concert Bands perform on the SCSBOA Festival Day
at El Dorado High School Performing Arts Center
on Tuesday, March 29th.
Spectators welcome & appreciated! Invite Parents, Grandparents & Fans!!
AM Advanced Band performs at 10:45am UPDATED TIME
PM Symphonic Band performs at 4:45pm.

Student Schedule & Routines
for Festival Day March 29th

Concert Performance Student Dress Reminders
Ladies: Long black dress (to ankles please) or black pants & white blouse  
Guys: Black suit, white shirt, black tie

Regular Zero Reminder
All Students Attendance Expected

AM Program
“1st Period” Advanced Band students should be prepared to promptly check in at 2nd period and leave classes at 9:00am. (Students leaving from or going to West Campus at this time can check in at attendance office at the break btwn classes.)
Be dressed in Concert performance uniform and ready to board the bus with Advanced Band instrument & music folder before 9:30am!

9:30 Adv. Band Departs by bus for EDHS UPDATED TIME
10:15 Adv. Band Warm Up UPDATED TIME
10:45 Performance UPDATED TIME
11:30 Depart EDHS
11:45 Arrive back at Esperanza for remaining classes

PM Program
All “Zero Period” Symphonic Band students should be dressed in Concert uniform noted above and are expected to meet up at El Dorado Band Room. No buses are provided for the PM program.

4:00 Full Symphonic Band Calltime at EDHS Band Room
4:15 Symphonic Band Warm Up
4:45 Performance
5:15 Students Dismissed & Free to Go!

What are adjudicators looking/listening for in a festival performance?

Read Understanding the SCSBOA Festival Sheet

Most of this SCSBOA Festival Sheet is for Directors and program leadership. “ADJUDICATORS LISTEN/LOOK FOR” sections will clarify clinician commentary for improvements at the pre-festival. Check it out if you want to know more music education terminology and learning objectives.

Join us for the Pre-Festival Performance at El Dorado High School Performing Arts Center this Thursday, March 10th.

SCSBOA Pre-Festival on Thursday, March 10th, is an opportunity for EEU Bands to get performance feedback from a guest clinician before the Concert Band Festival at the end of March. Both the first-period Advanced Band and our full Symphonic Band will perform at the pre-festival and concert band festival concerts.

For Pre-Festival, Advanced & Symphonic Bands perform music selections for a clinician adjudicator and parents and fans. Immediately following, the clinician provides direction on “blend & balance” improvements for the students. Clinicians speak to overall ensemble performance as a guide for future practice, usually while cracking a few jokes. 

Pre-Festival Schedule
All EEU Band students should be dressed & Meet up at El Dorado Band Room.

5:15 Calltime for Set-up @ El Dorado High
5:30 Warm-up
6:00 Performances
Advanced Band Followed by Symphonic Band
7:15 Tear-down