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First Day Of Camp August 15

On the first day of camp, EEU students are responsible for going to EHS registration, that’s it. Section leaders will be in contact with you to schedule sectionals at some point during that day. Morning hours are recommended since everyone will be there! Sectionals CANNOT conflict with registration or Link Crew times.

Monday | Aug 15
8-9AM School Registration
(Jazz audition sign ups will happen AT registration)
1-330PM Freshman Orientation in the Gym.

Second Day of Camp August 16

We will pick up with our regular camp schedule on Tuesday morning. Students are responsible for showing up with music prepared and learned. The “First Block” is 830-11:45am on the field for visuals. Arrive early enough to be on the field at start time. Lunch is 11:45-1:00pm, students need to bring lunch or money to buy lunch off campus. “Second Block” is 1:00-4:00, make sure that you have AT LEAST 1/2 gallon of water for every block. (Other needs for BAND CAMP scroll down.)

Tuesday to Friday | Aug 16-19
830-1145 Visual, 1145-1 Lunch, 1-3 Music Subs, 3-4 Ensemble

Monday to Wednesday | Aug 22-24
830-1145 Visual, 1145-1 Lunch, 1-3 Music Subs, 3-4 Ensemble

Thursday | Aug 25
830-1145 Visual, 1145-1 Lunch, 1-2 Music Subs, 2-3 FULL ENSEMBLE
PREVIEW NIGHT 430PM Dinner Starts, 6PM Show Time!

Friday | Aug 26
830-1145 Parade Band & Pep Tunes
12-2 BBQ & Pool Party

Marching Band Camp Expectations

Band camp is a required activity of all members of the marching band & colorguard. This time of extensive instruction and rehearsal is a vital part of the program. The time a student misses during band camp is critical to the success of the group. Students who miss part or all of band camp severely endanger the success of the group and will likely begin the season as an alternate. The field show charting and music is taught at camp, so attendance is necessary.

· Tennis shoes and socks (required)
· Instrument and preferred supplies
· Pencil
· Water (LARGE thermos ½ gal. @ minimum required. It can be hot!)
· Snack and Lunch (Or lunch money to buy lunch off campus.)
· Hat/visor