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Big Band Blowout

Celebrating Esperanza
Big Band Jazz

The EEU Signature Concert experience features the talented students of Esperanza High School and Bernardo Yorba Middle School in collaboration with our guest artist…

Victor Goines
Big Band Blowout Concert

Thursday, May 18th at 7pm
Performing Arts Center
Placentia, CA

Meet Our Guest Artist

Victor Louis Goines is a jazz saxophonist and clarinetist who has served as president and chief executive officer of Jazz St. Louis since September 2022. From 2000 to 2007, he was director of the jazz program at Juilliard.

A son of New Orleans, Goines’ lengthy and impressive music career has more than 200 original works to his credit as composer; and as performer, he appears on numerous film scores including Ken Burns’ Jazz, and dozens of albums including ten as leader.

In addition to his tenure with the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, Goines has performed with some of the top names in music including, Terence Blanchard, Bob Dylan, Dizzy Gillespie, Dianne Reeves, Branford Marsalis, Diana Ross, Wayne Shorter, Chucho Valdez, and Stevie Wonder.

Goines continues to perform around the world and recently recorded with Cuban clarinetist Janio Abreu performing with Orquestra de Camera de la Habana at the Havana International Jazz Festival.

Esperanza & Bernardo Yorba Jazz Bands

Sneak Peak Esperanza’s 2023 Recordings LISTEN HERE – Esperanza has three high performing and exciting big bands, with all bands scoring and placing near the top in annual competitions and festivals. With entertaining and powerful performances, Esperanza Jazz I Band has played at such prestigious events as the Essentially Ellington Competition at Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City, Charles Mingus High School Competition at Manhattan School of Music in New York City, Playboy Jazz Festival at the Hollywood Bowl, and Monterey Jazz Festival in Monterey, CA!

Bernardo Yorba Jazz Band – BYMS hard working jazz students rehearse and audition for a spot in this group and meet during zero period! In addition to our annual Big Band Blowout concert, Bernardo Yorba Jazz Band performs at Jazz Festivals, including the Aztec Jazz Festival this season, as well as, Knott’s Berry Farm & Disneyland.

Our Performing Arts Center, The PAC

We are proud to invite you to the Performing Arts Center for our concert. A beautiful and professional theater venue seats over 600 and hosts student performance groups, as well as numerous outside production companies. The PAC is located at: 1651 N. Valencia Ave in Placentia.

Big Band Blowout Concert Print Program is back for 2023

This 20+ year tradition is one of our biggest fundraisers and its success depends on you

Each year, local businesses participate in our signature Jazz Concert Experience by purchasing advertising space in our Big Band Blowout Program. EEU offers a vibrant community of more than 400 members and all EEU members proudly support program partners who support the EEU. Consider that Big Band Blowout Program Ads can fit any marketing budget with high quality ads starting at less than $100. All proceeds from our Program Ads directly support the entire music program at Esperanza High School.

For details about advertising in Big Band Blowout 2023 Concert Program, you can download a PDF of this page HERE. To learn more about Sponsorship Packages, go to Sponsor EEU HERE.

The Business Ad order form will be updated for this year’s Print Program by Jan 25, 2023.

Pay for Program Ads with EEU PayPal Button

There’s an option to use credit or debit card secured via PayPal.
Be sure to include Name of Payer on the above form/s.

Personalized Message Ads from Jazz Family & Fans
Personal Ads & Shout-Outs give family and friends a chance to personalize a heartfelt message to your jazz student. Message Ads are personalized by you! Congratulate your senior and include a Grad photo or Shout Out “Cathy—You’re the best sax player ever! Love, Mom.” We would love for each student to have a personalized message.

Personalized Message Ads are available to both Esperanza and Bernardo Yorba Families!
Personal Message & Shout-Outs LAUNCH March 19, 2023.

Where do Volunteers Sign Up for this event?

Volunteers for:
Contacting Prior Sponsors
Distributing Concert Posters
PAC Lobby Set Up
Event Day Ticket Sales
Will Call Check-In
Event Day Door Check
Green Room Set Up

If you are interested in volunteering for this year’s Big Band Blowout concert, please consider getting involved with Event Day activities or if you plan to watch the concert, help out with Contacting Sponsors right now! This is not cold calling, because the EEU has great community partners. Thank you in advance!

Please email Big Band Blowout Coordinator,

Students are welcome to volunteer for Community Service hours!

Thank You to All Our Big Band Blowout Guest Artists!

2022 – Vincent Gardner (Trombone)
2021 – Terrell Stanford (Trumpet)
2019 – James Carter (Sax)
2018 – Wycliffe Gordon (Trombone)
2017 – Jeff Jarvis (Trumpet)
2016 – Bob Sheppard (Sax)
2015 – Francisco Torres (Trombone)
2014 – Chuck Findley (Trumpet)
2013 – Sal Lozano (Alto Sax)
2012 – Andy Martin (Trombone)
2011 – Jeff Clayton (Sax)
2010 – Wayne Bergeron (Trumpet)

2009 – Eric Merienthal (Sax)
2008 – Harry Watters (Trombone)
2007 – Sal Lozano (Sax/Woodwinds)
2006 – Bill Liston (Sax/Woodwinds)
2005 – Wayne Bergeron (Trumpet)
2004 – Andy Martin (Trombone)
2003 – Alex Iles (Trombone)
2002 – Bruce Babad (Sax/Woodwinds)
2001 – Bill Liston (Sax/Woodwinds)
2000 – Willie Murillo (Trumpet)
1999 – Bill Liston (Sax/Woodwinds)