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FAQ Band Camp 2021

How do we handle EHS registration during the first week of camp?
* All EEU students need to be in the EHS registration line
between 7:40-7:50 a.m. (regardless of your alphabet group).
We have made arrangements with the ASB for you to get through first
so that you can be to camp on time.

What about Freshmen?
* On Thursday morning, all of the freshmen will go and do their link crew training
with the ASB folks, and then will return to camp in the afternoon.
Freshmen registration for EHS on Friday morning should look the same as everybody else,
you should be in line ready to start registering
between 7:40-7:50 a.m. (regardless of your alphabet group).

Are there any days when we don’t do our regular 8:30-4 p.m. schedule?
*Yes. On Thursday the 26th, we have a preview night performance that starts at 6 p.m.
That day we will finish camp at 3 p.m.
so students can go home, cool off, and change clothes before the performance.
Also, on Friday the 27th, we have an end of camp Pool Party and BBQ from 12-2 p.m.
and we’re finished after that.

What do we wear for preview night?
*White T-shirt, shorts, and tennis shoes

Is it going to be hot during camp?
*Yup. It’s August in the Desert. Water and sunscreen are your friends!
Make sure that you have at least a half gallon of water for each block.

Can I wear flip-flops for the music blocks in the afternoon?
*No. We’ll move in almost every block, and we want to make sure that you don’t get hurt
by wearing the wrong footwear.

Will I need a mask?
*Yes. If you’re in the band room, you need a mask. You will not need one while we are outdoors, but you are (of course) welcome to wear one outside if you so choose.