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See’s Candy Storefront for Winter 2022

Esperanza Entertainment Unit is launching the See’s Candy Winter Storefront again!

EEU Boosters chose See’s Candy many years ago because of its fine reputation for quality and this extends to their storefront shipping and delivery process as well. This makes for a great opportunity for EEU because we all know someone who always plans to buy See’s Candy for the holidays.

See’s Candy is committed to touch-less fundraising with the Yum-Raising storefronts. All EEU orders are accepted online via our personalized storefront, . And See’s will begin mailing the orders on Thursday, November 10th. Our EEU fundraiser then gets back anywhere from 15-50% on each item we all purchase through the storefront. Since all of the students will benefit from this fundraiser, EEU greatly appreciates everyone’s participation.

Helpful Hints for Supporting See’s Winter Fundraiser

* Get multiple Mini Holiday Assortments, for the biggest percentage of return, up to 50% back!
* The more items per order, the cheaper the shipping costs!!
* EEU gets to order these cute Llamas before they are sold out in the stores.
* Extend EEU sales-reach by sharing our See’s Storefront with friends, relatives, neighbors &
* Order to and from your work address with office mates.
* Save on some shipping by putting together an order with extended family.
* Thank our fans for us whenever they order through our See’s Candy Storefront!

Dates to Remember
Sale Starts Today – Sunday, November 6, 2022
Shipping Starts – Thursday, November 10, 2022
Sale Ends – Friday, December 2, 2022

If any button or bitly fails to launch, the full url is included here: