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All-Star Big Band ’22 Supports EEU Scholarship

Celebrating Esperanza’s Tradition of Excellence, the next iteration of the All-Star Alumni Concert supports the EEU Scholarship Fund in 2022. Graduates from EEU’s high-quality music program are returning to the stage for an amazing evening of big band jazz this December 23. The All-Star Alumni Concert tickets are $15. It’s a great show for a great cause!

All-Star Big Band Alumni Concert
Friday Night, December 23 at 7pm
at the Performing Arts Center,
1651 Valencia Ave, Placentia, CA

Register for $15 Tickets and the Pledge Drive Contest for cool prizes and even cooler, to support EEU graduating seniors!!

All-Star Big Band 2022 is made up of 30 EEU Alumni and we are honored that they would donate their time and talents to contribute to our Alumni Concert & EEU Scholarship Fund. The EEU Scholarship Fund supports graduating EEU students every June and is commemorated by this unforgettable evening of Big Band with the All-Star Alumni Concert every 5 years.

“An opportunity to share a stage with some of my all time favorite students, who have absolutely become some of my all time favorite musicians, is just something too good to pass up. I can’t wait to see everyone,” said Mr. Davis.

Thank You to all our performing musicians – Saxophones: Evan Adams ‘09, Alex Duffield ‘11, Michael Hardt ‘14, Mandy Herrera ‘11, Zachary Nguyen ‘17, Matthew Sosa ‘20, (Glen) Greg Turner ‘09, Bobby Westphal ‘11, Trombones: Alison DeWeese ‘16, Ryan Dragon ‘05, Jacob Geosano ‘14, Scott Ingstad ‘09, Bryan Melendez ‘21, Andrew Munoz ‘15, Andrew Ooi ‘11, Trumpets: Andreas Apitz ‘13, Bryan Bergo ‘22, Ryan DeWeese ‘12, Ryan Sato ‘09, James Shields ‘20, Rhythm: Rylee Allen ‘19, Ethan Aniceto ‘22, Francesca Estrada ‘22, Mali Guillen ‘20, Kyle Hallerbac ‘18, Travis Hunter ‘16, Nakul Rao ‘19, Shane Sato ‘13, Zeke Schultz ‘22, Joel Wenhardt ‘14

EEU Scholarship Fund 2022

This event began in 2017 to establish the EEU Scholarship Fund. A retirement wish for a killer Alumni band gave way to talking about starting one sooner than later. Mr. Davis said, “in my conversations with some of the great musicians that have already graduated, they asked, why wait for 30 years? They’re ready now!”

It’s been 5 years since the last unforgettable evening featuring your favorite EEU Grads. Mr. Davis is proud that “the first Fund from the 2017 Alumni Concert has allowed us to support the dreams of many fine musicians.”

As part of our EEU music community, help us continue this tradition and pledge to the EEU Scholarship Fund. As a “Friend of Big Band,” your donation enters you in the Pledge Drive Contest and a chance to win: EEU & Jazz Swag gifts!!

The success of this event relies heavily on your generosity. We appreciate your consideration to support this event. If you prefer to speak with Brad Davis, Band Director, contact at,, or (714)986-7540 ex:13711.