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Holiday Gifts with EEU’s RaiseRight, more earnings & impact

Get all your Holiday Gift Cards with EEU & RaiseRight for more earnings & more impact. When EEU Families use on the mobile website, it is super easy to load/reload physical gift cards or purchase eGift cards (aka ScripNow®) from any checkout line at this time year.

EEU Families can get their holiday shopping done in one impactful place with RaiseRight for EEU. Because RaiseRight offers so many great places to shop for gifts, the holiday season rebates can really add up to help EEU, your favorite nonprofit.

“Earning rebates is easier than ever. The updated mobile site pairs the power of with the convenience of ordering on-the-go—making your one-stop shop for all things…”

from is New and Improved at RaiseRight Blog

RaiseRight offers multiple useful options for gift giving and other holiday shopping:

  • You don’t have to order in advance to earn these extra rebates, just check out all the brands that offer reloads and eGift cards. Search by card type and then create your Favorites.
  • Use online payments (aka PrestoPay™) to receive eGift cards immediately and to reload your physical gift cards faster.
  • Go to your favorite shops for more options to purchase gift cards with your RaiseRight eGift cards.
  • Of course, EEU Families can also email or print eGift cards directly as gifts.
  • When you want to order the physical gift card, you can still use the mobile website and orders are shipped to EEU. So create Favorites for regular purchases too!

Simply using RaiseRight more, with the mobile website and ordering in advance, leads to more earnings! An impactful option that rewards EEU and EEU families.

Learn more about RaiseRight for “More Earnings All Holiday Season” with this url link below. Just paste this address in your browser: