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EEU Percussion Winter Competition FAQs

During the past 6 years, EEU Percussion Ensemble has been working hard as a new performance group at Winter Competitions. We are proud to applaud their recent Bronze Medal win at the SCPA Championship for Scholastic Concert Division A. More about EEU Percussion.

SCPA Winter Competition Season

Keep track of EEU Percussion Winter Season at the SCPA Calendar. The Percussion Ensemble group has an email list to receive information about the Winter Competition season. Please make sure we have your information. Actual competition day schedules are usually released about 7-10 days before the event. These will be emailed out when they are confirmed.

What does a typical PERC competition day look like?

Read pdf by clicking: Percussion Winter Competition FAQs

What can parents do?

Performance Refreshments – To help our students perform at their best, we are looking for a few items to be donated for each show. A link will be emailed out for you to volunteer to bring these items if you’re able. All items may be brought the day of the show and can be put in the trailer for easy access.

  • Waters and/or Gatorades – cold in an ice chest
  • Snacks – packaged cookies, rice crispy treats, chips, etc.
  • EZ Ups – shades equipment, sound boards and for warm-up practice

Trailer Roadies – It takes a village and we need help with trailers. Although the students do most of the work loading and unloading the trailers, we could still use a few parents to help as well. We haul equipment trailers to these competitions and they are full. If you’re not helping with equipment, we encourage you to purchase tickets and find a seat to cheer on our students.

Do parents need to pay to watch?

Yes. Tickets are sold at the competition site and are usually around $10-$15, with the exception of championships which is more. If we make it to championships, more detailed information will be sent out to purchase tickets ahead of time.

Who do I contact with conflicts or questions?

During the 2nd Semester, Percussion Students should be contacting PERC coaches if they have a conflict with scheduling. If you contact Mr. Davis, he will refer you to the coaches. For general questions, parents should contact Percussion Ensemble Coordinator Parent, Kristina Peterson.