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Western States Jazz Festival, with guest, Christine Jensen

Upland Jazz is proud to be hosting the 49th annual Western States Jazz Festival this Saturday February 25. All proceeds go to support the band & color guard program at Upland High School. They look forward to seeing you at the festival!

Schools from all over Southern California attend the jazz festival every year, and most send more than one band to compete at this premier event. Check out Participating Schools.

This year’s special guest star, Christine Jensen, is a Montreal-based saxophonist, described by the Globe and Mail as “​​one of Canada’s most compelling composers.”

Locations and Directions

Student Call Times

7:45 Combo White 2 CALL
8:00 Combo White 2 Warm-up
8:45 Combo White 2 Performance in Library
9:30 Combo White 2 End

8:30 Combo White 1 CALL
8:45 Combo White 1 Warm-up
9:30 Combo White 1 Performance in Library
10:15 Combo White 1 End

9:45 Jazz II CALL
10:00 Jazz II Warm-up
10:30 Jazz II Performance in Auditorium
11:00 Jazz II Clinic
11:30 Jazz II End

1:45 Jazz III CALL
2:00 Jazz III Warm-up
2:30 Jazz III Performance in New Gym
3:00 Jazz III Clinic

3:00 Combo Green CALL
3:15 Combo Green Warm-up
4:00 Combo Green Performance in Library
4:45 Combo Green End

4:15 Jazz I CALL
4:30 Jazz I Warm-up
5:00 Jazz I Performance in Auditorium
5:30 Jazz I Clinic
6:00 Jazz I Clinic End

6:00 Awards Begins

All call times should gather near the Director’s check-in table to meet their groups. It is not needed to actually check in there.